Writing & Spelling



Games to practise spelling words

Here are some games you can play to help practise spelling the days of the week.

Dinosaur eggs- practise different spelling patterns

magic e game
Another magic e game

Silent b

St Theresa's Computer Webpage-click on our school logo to take you to lots of computer programming and coding games.


Learn about Aboriginal Culture here.


This is a link to Hector's World. It has lots of great videos to deal with being safe online.

Want to get better at typing? Try this website: touch type

PAT M and PAT R testing, click on picture. 
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  1. Thanks for the class writing journals Kathryn.I enjoyed writing in them.
    I.Z :)

  2. I love the reading journals.by m.n.

  3. Thank you for putting us games to learn Kathryn.

    from M.J

  4. The reading journals are so fun

  5. I took a book home and i rote about Thailand from (M,j,r) :).

  6. And thank you for our journals

    from M.J

  7. I was excited to post my first comment on the blog! Today I learnt how to comment on the blog! <3


  8. I loved writing in a book about my favourite movie from O.S

  9. Kat/Kathryn, I wanted to share a experiment. It might be late too share one. But i decided to share one with you because we had no time for the previous ones we were supposed to do.

    By the way i'm Benice.

    You need:



    -Clear dish (Is a plastic container)-Make sure its flat

    -Dish soap (in a container of some sort)

    -Food colouring x4

    The experiment is simple. Its called the tie-dye milk. Similar to the colourful milk swirl.

    Step 1. Pour the milk into the clear dish

    Step 2. Add a few drops of each food colouring. Make sure they have a gap from eachother.

    Step 3. Get a cu-tip and dip one side into the dish soap.

    Step 4. Get the cu-tip and dip the dish soap side into the middle of the clear dish.

    Step 5. See what happens.

    From: Benice