Learning at Home

On this page you will find all the things you need to complete your Home Learning tasks for this fortnight.
Remember, only work for 20 minutes each night! (That includes the 10 minutes of reading you already do!) 

Entree Tasks

Read a book out loud to an adult. Ask for feedback on how you can get better at reading.
Read a book of your choice and then complete the sheet on the blog.
Read the blurbs of some different books. Write the blurb for the story you’re writing in class


Main Tasks

Over the long weekend, keep a journal of what you do each day.
Use your spelling words to create a word find (template on blog) You will need to add extra words with the same letter pattern.
Watch one of the bugs video clips on the class blog. Write at least 5 facts about the bug.

Dessert Tasks

Play some of the shape Maths games on the class blog.
Use graph paper (get it from school) to practise drawing 2D & 3D shapes.
Pick a 3 or 4 digit number. How many ways can you make that number.

Drink Tasks

Print the landmark and map sheets from the blog.  Locate where the landmarks would go. Stick them I your book.
Research some facts about the mini-beast you have picked to research in class.
With help from an adult, learn more about the country your family originates from.

Landmark Sheet
World Map sheet

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If you have forgotten your details email Kathryn, or ask her at school :) 


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