Monday, 13 March 2017

Developing Characters

We continued to investigate characters on Thursday. We dressed up as different characters and had to pose and act like the character we dressed up as. We learnt that different characters have different personalities and that the characters in our stories will have different personalities too.

Mr Mummy visit

On Wednesday Mr Mummy came to visit the 2/3 children to help us in exploring different characters for our spooooooky stories. We asked Mr Mummy lots of questions and he helped us come up with ideas for our own stories.


On Wednesday night, some of our Grade 3 children celebrated their First Reconciliation. Reconciliation is when you ask God to forgive you for the poor choices you have made, and promise to try and make better choices in the future. We congratulate our Grade 3's.

Connies Visit

On Monday Roberto came and visited us. He spoke to us about the different animals that live and lived in and near the Kororoit Creek.  He spoke to us about how important it is to throw our rubbish in the bin. He gave us cards to take home. Each card has information about the different animals on them.

Night Walk

We had a very bust week in 2/3K. Our week started with a BANG when we had a night walk at school. Kathryn, Patrick and Helen turned the teacher's planning room into a forest and made it look like night time. We had to look for animals and sketch pictures of the different animals we saw.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Here we are in 2/3K helping each other write awesome sentences. Joint construction of writing helps us to share our ideas and learn from others